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In the delivery of a digital project, there are few things more important that setting the expectations of the client. If you come in guns blazing, tell them that you are going to deliver the moon on a stick for 10 grand in 2 weeks, and then deliver a marshmallow on a stick for 100 grand in 20 weeks, you will look like… well, less than professional. A lot of digital agencies do this and they get a bad name and go bust.

Preferable then to be realistic with the timescale, the scope and especially the budget so that you have the ability and the lee way to deliver a quality project on time and on budget. If you talk to the client, make them aware that you are a professional, have experience of delivering similar projects and you know the kind of challenges that they will face, then they will respect that.  If they are a nice client i also know that i will be working ‘with’ them rather than ‘for’ them, which is so much more enjoyable!

As a colleague of mine (Martin Harrison) used to tell me before i was even in the project management business, ‘it’s ALL about setting expectations’…  Anyone who doesn’t appreciate your professional approach is not the right client and is welcome to hire a cheap agency where the ‘marshmallow on a stick’ can be delivered in an timescale measured in years.  The frustrating thing is that there are agencies out there who massively underprice to win the work, and then struggle to deliver anything at all.  Setting expectations is important in all areas of life.  Imagine setting your wife (gf/ bf/ husband) ‘s expectation that you will be home from the pub at 7 and then rolling in at 11?  Better to set expectation that you will be back at midnight, that way your partner is happy when you stumble in at 11:30.  I’ve tried both, and i know which one works best…

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