Running a web agency is very much like…

Posted by Mark on Mar 23, 2010 in Digital, Tech

I was in the gym the other day, watching James Martin making a very tasty looking plate of food, and i thought to myself that running a web agency is very much like running a fine restaurant.  You have to use the finest ingredients and the finest talent to tailor exquisite creations that keep a highly discerning and critical audience satisfied.  All of this to a budget and in a very defined timescale.  Take too long with your starter and the client might disappear.  The finest ingredients are the right technologies, the right kitchen talent is the right designers/ development team and the chef in charge of it all is the Client Services Director.  If the chef doesn’t rate the food then he shouldn’t let it out of the door, same with Client Services Directors.  The highly discerning audiences will sign off the design and user research/ information architecture in the same way as you consume a good starter.   The delivery of templates and prototypes are the main course where the user gets into the meat and 2 veg and is reassured that the presentation is excellent and that the meat is of good standard.  Then it’s onto the dessert, which is the build, and the User Acceptance testing is the coffee and the mint.  Next time you go to a restaurant or commission a website, think about the similarities…

Next time you talk to your web agency, try to work out if they are Michelin starred.

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