is it actually any good? No.


Posted by Mark | Posted in Digital, Tech | Posted on 05-07-2010

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Naymz Logo

I have been subscribed to Naymz for some time.  I don’t know why, someone once sent me a request and i did it.   I don’t like the interface, i don’t like the way that adding new people requests some random reference from them, and i don’t like the way that it does stuff without asking me.  It’s like a spam machine that i signed up for.  I do like the functionality that lets me know when someone has browsed my profile and i would pay money for that service if i liked the Naymz site and trusted it not to misuse my credit details like it misuses my personal details.  For example, I found out the other day that it has requested a reference from everyone who is on my friends list…  Did i ask for this?  Of course not.  Do i think that this is unacceptable.  Yes.   Would i like to know exactly who was looking at my profile – oh yes, i certainly would.

It also infuriates me that my naymz listing is occassionally higher than my linkedin or my twitter listing, they have obviously done their SEO homework, which is good to see.

LinkedIn have realised this and have now got a feature which tells you just the job titles of people who have viewed your profile, and if you pay for the premium service, then you can know their names too.  Most of the time you can work it out from their title though, not many companies have more than one SEO.  On that basis i think i might have to close my Naymz account…