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Posted by Mark on May 11, 2010 in Digital, Tech |

WordPress 3.0 is now very close to being released.  For anyone who has been using WordPress 2.x for the last few years now, you will have been used to using the extensive blogging features, adding pages, adding your twitter feed, adding categories and tags.  It’s a powerful system and has obviously been extremely successful.  The new version of the software is going to take the software into a new era where you could use wordpress to create, rather than a blog with features of a website, a website with blog and social networking functionality.   I think this will open up the software to a much greater audience and greater potential.  I have frequently been frustrated by how the system which handles blogs so effectively, yet you can’t really use it to power a website that requires much complex navigation.

One feature that addresses this is the new navigation manager, which allows you to manage a multi tier navigation system in an intuitive and typically wordpress user interface.  The items are created and then the user can drag and drop an item either up or down the navigation tree, or to any other different level within the navigation structure.  This is a welcome change.  The handling of navigation structure is always difficult, only a few really manage a proper drag and drop structure, Alterian CMS for example is quite easy to use (if non open source and quite pricy at 20-30K) and Concrete5 makes a good effort at the drag and drop intuitive style,, so it remains to see if the wordpress one can work as well as this.

The next major addition to the 3.0 release is the ability to create pages with custom post types. In the past you could create a page as a post or as a page.  You will now have the ability to add any type of post as you see fit.  If you need News, Case Studies, Projects, biscuit profiles, anything you want, you can set these up and format them nicely.

Next big feature is – Taxonomy.  Not something oft used by your casual user, but in the world of the large organisation taxonomy is important.  The bigger CMS providers will sell you a taxonomy module for 10,000 GBP plus, so it’s an expensive feature.  It is the ability to categorise your content against either a standard or bespoke list of hierarchical terms.  Government organisations have standard taxonomies.

Another feature to hit version 3.0 is the ability to manage multiple sites from the one installation.  This means that the if your organisation have a number of blogs that you need to manage, you don’t have to log out and back in again and remember a thousand different passwords.  It may also give the ability to share content across different blogs, for example, being able to share items and media, which would be useful.

Which feature are you looking forward to the most?

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Barry Gordon
May 24, 2010 at 9:17 pm

Wonderful journey and experience!

Aug 3, 2010 at 8:33 am

glad you like it

Aug 3, 2010 at 8:33 am

Many thanks for your praise Barry!



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